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    Goat, Pig, Sheep, Horse Ultrasound Machines & More


    Making the Choice for the Best Farm Animal & Horse Ultrasound Machine Can Be Easy With Our Large Collection of Products

    Horse Ultrasound Machine by KeeboVetThe correct horse ultrasound that proves to be reliable, portable, and also easy to use is necessary in order to be efficient and achieve the best diagnostic results. A horse ultrasound machine and an ultrasound for cattle and farm animals that provides the best benefits can make for a difficult decision. We have made that choice easy for you with our collection of farm animal, cattle ultrasound equipment, and ultrasound machines for horses. These ultrasounds feature reliable probes, easy to use interfaces, and the latest technology. Achieving better images to make an easier diagnosis can be performed with these machines. Consider these low cost ultrasound recommendations for the best choice to meet your needs.

    For Goats, Pigs, Cows, and Sheep We Offer Two Types of Veterinary Ultrasounds That Will Give You the Best Diagnosis

    • Ultrasounds with an electronic convex probe with a frequency range of 2.5-5MHz. This choice of probe will produce a better image quality and needed reliability.
    • The second type is palm ultrasounds with a mechanical sector probe. For example, models MSU-1 or WED 2000AV are excellent choices. They are small, easy to move, and very practical. They can diagnose early cattle pregnancy at 30 days.

    To learn more about our ultrasound machines for horses & farm animals for sale, please browse our extensive collection of scanners below or speak with our representatives today.

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