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        Because of their affordability, efficiency, reliability, and non-invasiveness, ultrasounds are the choice of many veterinary practices, breeders, and farmers to check their animals for disease, injury, or pregnancy. If you want affordable veterinary ultrasound equipment for your veterinary practice, farm, or animal breeding, then see what KeeboVet has to offer.

        What We Provide

        We offer the largest selection of veterinary ultrasound equipment. These include:

        • Refurbished, used, or demo ultrasounds
        • Handheld and portable ultrasounds
        • Bovine, equine, and farm animal ultrasounds
        • Pet ultrasounds

        We also have a large selection of other veterinary equipment such as surgical sutures, orthopedic kits, and infusion pumps.

        What We Promise

        We know the importance of reliable and durable equipment. That's why we always ensure that every product we offer is of good quality. As experienced veterinarians, we know the problems equipment can have, and we do our best to eliminate these issues within our products.

        Additionally, we promise to always provide quality equipment at reasonable prices. By working directly with manufacturers, we offer products at competitive rates you won't find elsewhere.

        And as an FDA-registered company, we promise to always provide products that meet and conform to their standards.

        Join the other 15,000 customers who've used KeeboVet for their veterinary supplies. Find the products you need today, or call us at 630-888-2888 for any questions or concerns you have.

        We also invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, read our blog, or review customer testimonials about our products. As your veterinary ultrasound equipment supplier, we're here for you.