14.4V Cannulated Electric Drill

Reliable Compact Lightweight Cannulated Drill 

Cannulated Electric Drill offers performance and reliability. Designed in line with the safety standards, and is compact and light weight.  Strong host power provides stable operation. Unit is suitable for high temperature sterilization. 


  • Maximum speed1,200 rpm
  • Stepless speed regulation
  • Selectable positive and negative rotation direction
  • Stable operation
  • Any connectors will work, equipped with special drill bits
  • Max. cannulated diameter 4.5mm
  • Suitable for K-wire, intramedullary nails and other operations
  • Battery voltage is 14.4V, exempt from disinfection design
  • Include two batteries
  • Strong host power
  • Conjoined closed cover
  • Suitable for high temperature sterilization

Collections: Drills and Saws

Type: Drills and saw

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