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Ultrasound has been a popular diagnostic tool for detecting early pregnancies in cows. Ultrasound is also used for identifying open cows, so that fewer days are lost before rebreeding. A skilled ultrasonographer can identify a fetus within 26 days of gestation. Ultrasound pregnancy detection has ...

Bovine ultrasound equipment is highly beneficial for the veterinarians. Ultrasound is regarded as the safest and most real time diagnostic imaging method available. Ultrasound equipment is useful for imaging of soft tissues of the cattle and also aids in therapeutic procedures.During a bovine ult...

Proper treatment is only possible when the ailment is correctly diagnosed. For correct diagnosis, a veterinarian must have the right tools and gadgets. Vet ultrasound machines are one of the most important tools used by veterinarians to diagnose pets. They can be used for obstetric, cardiac proce...

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