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Professional Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment

We have the best deals on ultrasounds, orthopedic tools, and surgical sutures for all veterinarian applications. Today's most popular brands of ultrasound veterinary machines can be found here at discount prices. At KeeboVet, we sell new and used scanners and veterinary equipment with full warranties. Browse our large selection and order today for the lowest prices!

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Used Sonoscape A6V

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Demo Veterinary Ultrasound MSU-1


There Are A Variety Of Canine Ultrasound Machines

February 13, 2015

Veterinary technology is amazing and we have come very far in the advancement of veterinary medicine and the medical equipment that is used on a daily basis. A big part of veterinary medicine is diagnostic testing and one of the most common diagnostic tests that doctors use is an ultrasound.
Portable Ultrasounds Are Very Convenient

February 12, 2015

There are a number of reasons why veterinary professionals might choose to purchase portable medical equipment. The most obvious reason is for convenience, but every person’s reasons may be different. A person can purchase these types of machines from a number of distributors, manufacturers or equipment stores. No matter where a person makes their purchase from, there are a few things they may want to consider before making their purchase.
Veterinarians Often Purchase From Multiple Suppliers

February 11, 2015

People trust the health and well-being of their pets to their veterinarian. There are both large and small animal veterinarians and there are some veterinarians that treat both. Regardless of the type of animal that a veterinarian treats, they need to have a variety of equipment and supplies to do so.
Portable Ultrasound Scanners Are Convenient

February 01, 2015

Ultrasound is a common procedure used for a variety of reasons in medicine today. The use of portable ultrasound machines has also become quite popular with physicians because it provides them with some definite advantages over traditional ultrasound. Before a doctor decides to invest in a portable machine there are some things they should look into first.


Orthopedic Kits

Veterinary Equipment-Animal Orthopedic Systems and Kits. Choice of high quality orthopedic kits and instruments all sizes.We have kits with small cases good for small autoclaves.

There are different sizes and types for various sizes of animal kits. Includes all instruments and implants - Bone plates and Bone screws. High quality orthopedic implants CE and FDA approved for human use in the USA. All screws are self tapping. Hex head. Available in stainless steel or Titanium. All instruments are high quality, made mainly for human use and are CE certified. We make custom systems according your needs.

Any system can be adjusted according to each customer's requirements. Give us a call for the best quote of any set to meet your needs. Our complete system provide all sizes of instruments,implants-plates and screws size 1.5/2.0/2.73.5/4.0mm