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Rectal probe - large lens, high Frequency

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Battery Powered

With Rectal Insertion arm

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Professional Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment

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Kaixin KX5200V Demo Model

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DCU-12 Vet

KX5600V Demo

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The Right Tools for the Job

May 30, 2016

When a person decides to become a veterinarian, they do not make the decision lightly. It requires many years of schooling, internships, residencies, and practice. In addition, once a person becomes an animal doctor they may chose to set up their own practice. This requires hours of research and working in other practices to see what is needed and what is not. There are so many vet tools to buy that one could not possibly afford everything in one shopping spree. It is best to plan ahead, make a list, and set a budget.
What are Veterinary Instruments?

April 22, 2016

Pets are not just an animal breed, they are more than that. They are family. Whether it may be your pet for home, or for your farm, animals bring joy, contentment and hope for new beginnings. To have an animal with you requires a high amount of attention, grooming and care. The animal should cope with the conditions in which it lives, and animal welfare should be the top most priority. This would need your consideration for housing, nutrition, management, human handling, disease prevention and treatment and responsible care. A thoughtful consideration should be given to the animal’s typical environmental needs, biology and behavior. One should be proactive in their animal’s medical care. The best way of keeping your pet healthy and safe, is to team up with a veterinarian. Being in the veterinary profession, the vets strive to improve animal health and proper welfare through the medium of education, scientific research, collaborations and providing the best facility.