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Best Choice of Equine Ultrasounds

Rectal probe - large lens, high Frequency

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Handheld Bovine/Equine

Battery Powered

With rectal Insertion arm

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Professional Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment

We have the best deals on ultrasounds, orthopedic tools, and surgical sutures for all veterinarian applications. Today's most popular brands of ultrasound veterinary machines can be found here at discount prices. At KeeboVet, we sell new and used scanners and veterinary equipment with full warranties. Browse our large selection and order today for the lowest prices!

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Surgical Sutures: PDS 19.99

Non Absorbable From $9.99

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Sonoscape A6V Demo

Chison ECO 1Vet Demo

DCU-12 Vet

Demo Model Kaixin KX5000V

Kaixin KX5100V Demo Model

KX5600V Demo

Kaixin KX5200V Demo Model

Kaixin RKU-10

Kaixin KX5100V&Rectal Arm

KX5200V&Rectal Insertion Arm

KeeboVet Veterinary equipment!   Animal Ultrasounds and other Tools for Sale!
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Low cost Portable and Palm Sized Handheld Machines for large and small animals with excellent image quality. Multi-frequency rectal, endendorectal probes or others with high frequency for small animals.

Vet Orthopedic Systems-Kits come complete with all instruments and implants. The kits come in all sizes and choices, from 1.5-6.5mm. The upgraded micro-system is our latest model, which is the most complete system for all small pets. All kits come with self tapping bone screws. We also offer custom made vet orthopedic systems. Contact us to order custom made systems.
Veterinary Anesthesia Machines are mobile and portable. Digital anesthesia ventilators work with all kinds of anesthesia machines. All accessories for anesthesia machines and ventilators are included and ready for use. Machines are easy to connect to the gas source and work on 110-220V.



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Types of Veterinary equipments

October 20, 2015

Veterinary equipments are often used in hospitals, clinics, zoo etc. Animal specialists, farm owners and vets use these machines to keep a regular track of their animal’s health.
Instruments Used By Veterinarians

October 20, 2015

If you own a vet clinic or you are a veterinarian yourself, you will definitely understand the use of veterinary instruments. As the research of these kinds of instruments has been developing day by day, it can be a daunting task to find the right equipment for your clinic. For any veterinarian, the question also involves how much practice he needs to have to invest in the latest equipment.
All about equine ultrasound machines

September 25, 2015

Ultrasound machines are required to spot the internal injuries or unfavorable growths which cannot be seen with normal eyes. These machines channel the ultrasonic pulses inside the body to the parts which require inspection. They are also used in detecting the movements of the fetus inside the body and also in detecting stones in the kidneys.
Get Ultrasound Equipments for your Cattle Conveniently!

September 15, 2015

Usually, most of the farmers raise cattle as it provides for the major part of food resources. And humans too, should have a similar responsibility towards their pets. It is very important for us to see that our pets are not suffering from any kind of diseases, and if they are, we should get them diagnosed as soon as possible. If one is looking for veterinary ultrasound equipments, there are a lot of options available in the market, especially online. They are very useful for the people who have pets or even livestock and cattle. These equipments are very useful and most of the online sellers offer veterinary ultrasound machines at affordable prices.