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      Accessories for Ultrasounds

      Trolleys for portable ultrasounds different types. Will fit to almost all models of portable ultrasounds. With holder for probes and special printer holders.

      Batteries for ultrasound machines.

      Bags and carrying cases.

      Probes transducers.

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      KeeboVet Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment Universal Ultrasound Trolley KM-6 On Sale
      $ 599.00 $ 699.00
      DeLuxe Trolley KM-3, Accessories for Ultrasound | KeeboVet Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment. On Sale
      $ 899.00 $ 999.00
      KeeboVet Accessories for Ultrasounds SonoScape A6 Trolley
      $ 1,500.00
      KeeboVet Accessories for Ultrasounds Sonoscape S2 Trolley
      $ 1,500.00
      Chison ECO Series Veterinary Transducers | C3-A Convex Probe
      $ 1,500.00
      Chison 8300V Rectal Transducer Probes | Accessories for Ultrasounds
      $ 1,500.00
      WED-380Vet Ultrasound Rectal Probe
      From $ 999.00
      WED-9618V Ultrasound Rectal Probe
      $ 1,000.00
      KeeboVet Ultrasound Replacement Rechargeable Batteries | KX5000V
      From $ 199.00