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      Ultrasounds for Small Animals

      SonoScape E1V Small Animal Ultrasound | KeeboVet

      We Have the Perfect Ultrasounds for Small Animals

       An ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure performed to evaluate the internal organs to determine specifics related to health and well-being. A small animal ultrasound is similar to human ultrasound machines; they are used to examine the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, prostate gland, bladder, and uterus. This equipment is extremely useful in detecting the health of the fetus, its size, and growth during animal pregnancies and any other necessary procedures needed for your veterinary practice.

      It is important to have the right pet ultrasound equipment for your veterinary needs that will deliver the best results over and over again. At KeeboVet, we offer a wide range of color Doppler and black & white ultrasounds for small animals, such as feline and dog ultrasound exams. Our experience has shown that the Chison ECO5Vet is what we recommend for color ultrasound procedures and the SonoScape E1V is the best choice for a black & white small animal ultrasound. These ultrasound machines will provide you the confidence in your diagnosis and have resulted in many satisfied customers over and over again.

      When you are looking for a one-stop-destination for all your new & used small animal ultrasound machine requirements, KeeboVet is the name you can trust upon. We offer the best & the most advanced equipment at affordable prices to our customers. Have a question about choosing the right pet and dog ultrasound equipment? Then get in touch with our team today to find out more about our product range that will be sure to match your needs. 

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      Chison ECO5 Vet Color Doppler Ultrasound | KeeboVet On Sale
      From $ 5,399.00 $ 5,999.00
      Chison ECO1Vet Veterinary Ultrasound | KeeboVet On Sale
      From $ 3,329.00 $ 3,699.00
      Chison eBit30 VET On Sale
      From $ 8,279.00 $ 14,999.00
      Chison ECO2 VET | KeeboVet On Sale
      From $ 4,049.00 $ 4,499.00
      Chison EBit50 VET On Sale
      From $ 13,499.00 $ 14,999.00
      SonoScape A6V Expert - E1V Upgraded Veterinary Ultrasound | KeeboVet
      From $ 6,999.00
      Chison SonoBook 6Vet Powerful Compact Color Doppler Ultrasound | KeeboVet On Sale
      $ 11,699.00 $ 18,999.00
      Chison EBit60 Vet Animal Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine
      $ 22,000.00
      Chison SonoBook 9 Vet Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine
      $ 29,999.00
      Chison ECO6Vet Color Doppler Ultrasound | KeeboVet
      From $ 10,000.00
      DCU30Vet | KeeboMed On Sale
      From $ 5,399.00 $ 5,999.00
      $ 6,499.00
      $ 9,999.00