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      Orthopedic Kits

      Animal Orthopedic Veterinary Equipment Systems and Kits 

      We carry a variety of high-quality orthopedic kits and instruments in all sizes, even kits with small cases that are good for small autoclaves.

      Our kits include all instruments and implants, bone plates and bone screws that you need. The high-quality orthopedic implants are CE and FDA approved for human use in the USA. All screws are self-tapping with a hex head and are available in stainless steel or Titanium. All instruments are high quality, made mainly for human use and are CE certified. We also make custom systems according to your needs.

      Any system can be adjusted according to your requirements. Contact us for the best quote of any set to meet your needs. Our complete system provides all sizes of instruments, implants, plates, and screws sizes of 1.5/2.0/2.73.5/4.0mm.

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