Vet Monitor Biolight BLT M8000

Biolight BLT M8000 Patient Monitor.
Used in hospital and clinics for measuring patients ECG, Respiratory, NIBP, SPO2, Temperature, IBP, EtCO2 parameters, FDA approved in USA.

Product Feature 10.4’’ LCD display, high resolution, 7 lead ECG Waveform display in the same screen Large number display for long distance vision Digital SPO2 technology offers anti-motion and anti-low perfusion funtions Up to 66 beds network capacity to connect with HIS 120 hours tabular and graphic trends & data storage Drug dose calculation OXYCRG software

Product Specification/Models Technical specifications Safety: IEC60601 (GB9706) Dimension: 318mm (W) x 264mm (H) x 152mm(D) Power Supply : 100~240V; AC: 50~ 60 Hz Alarm Indication: Visual and audible alarm 1000 groups of alarm events review Application: Adult, Pediatric and neonate

ECG Leads: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V Gains: 2.5mm/mV, 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 20mm/mV, 40mm/mV, auto Input impedance: =5MO (d.c.~60Hz) Common Mode Rejection Ratio: =85dB(diagnostic mode) =105dB(monitoring & surgica mode) Bandwith: 0.5-40Hz (monitoring mode) 0.05-120Hz(diagnostic mode) 1-25Hz (surgical mode) Protection: Segregation breakdown voltage 4000VAC, 50/60Hz Resistant to high-frequency electrotome, myoelectricity, AC, drifting interference Indication of Detachment of electrodes: Available Playback of Cardiogram: Available Scanning Speed: 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s Heart Rate Range:10-300BPM Accuracy: ±1BPM ECG waveform playback: 10 minutes

NIBP Method: Automatic oscillometric Operation Modes: Singles (manual), Cycle (automatic), Rapid (continuous) Measurement : Systolic pressure/diastolic pressure/mean pressure Range: Adult: 10-270mmHg Pediatric: 10-235mmHg Neonate: 10-135mmHg Unit: mmHg / Kpa selectable Auto Measurement: 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,30,45,60,90 minutes, 2,4,8,12 hours 750 groups of NIBP measuring data review

RESP Method: Impedance Measurement Measuring Range: 0-120bpm Alarm Limit: 0-120bpm, upper and lower limit continuously adjustable Apnea alarm: Available

BLT Digital SPO2 (Pulse Oximetry) Range: 0-100% Accuracy: ±2% (70%~100%); ±3%(35%~ 69%) Unspecified (0~34%) Range & Accuracy of Pulse Rate : 20~250BPM ± 1BPM

TEMP Channel : 2 channels Range : 0~50? Unit : Celsius, Fahrenheit Resolution : 0.1? Accuracy : ±0.1? (25?~50?) Alarm Range : 0~50?


IBP Channel : 2 channels Range : -50~300 mmHg Resolution : 1 mmHg Accuracy : ±2 mmHg (±2%) without probe ±4 mmHg (±2%) with probe Unit : mmHg , Kpa Converter sensitivity: 5 uV/V/mmHg Names of pressures: ART/PA/CVP/LAP/RAP/ICP

EtCO2 (side stream) Method: Infrared spectrum Range: 0.0-13.1% Resolution : 1 mmHg (0.1%) Accuracy : 5% EtCO2,

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