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    KX Series Videos | KX5000V

    • Product Introduction
    • Product Instruction
    • Clinical Applications

    Short Introduction

    Spanish: Short Introduction

    Overall View

    KX5000V Vs. Siui CTS-800

    Basic Operation

    Pig Pregnancy Exams

    Sheep & Goat Exams

    Bovine Pregnancy Exams

    Dog Pregnancy Exams

    Cow Exam Images

    Cow Exam Images

    Cattle Reproduction

    Farm Animal Pregnancy

    Pyometra in Dog Examined

    Farm Animal Exams

    Canine Kidney Stones Exams

    Diagnosing Ascites in a Dog

    Examining a Dog's Urinary Bladder

    Farm Animal Exams

    Splenomegaly is Diagnosed on a Dog

    Miniature Pinscher Pregnancy

    Dog Exam with Cystitis & Vulvovaginitis

    Cow Pregnancy: 110 Days

    Dog Pregnancy: 27 Days

    Cow Pregnancy Exam

    Cystitis in Cow Diagnosed

    Determining Fertility in Cattle

    Cow Pregnancy: 31 Days

    Cow Pregnancy: 39 Days

    Cow Pregnancy: 71 Days

    Cow Pregnancy: 36 Days

    Cow Pregnancy: 56 Days

    Cow Pregnancy: 118 Days

    Cow Pregnancy: 61 Days

    Urinary Bladder Papilloma & Cystitis in a Small Dog

    Diagnosing Dead Cow Fetus

    Cow Ovary Cysts Examined

    Early Cow Pregnancy

    Pig Pregnancy: 30 Days

    Dog Bladder Examination

    Miscarriage of Pregnant Doberman

    Dead Fetus in Dog

    Dog with Kidney Stones

    Cow Pregnancy: 74 Days

    Cow Pregnancy Exams

    Goat Ultrasound Exam

    Cow Pregnancy: 34 Days

    Haemorrhagia in Vesica Urinaria of Dog

    Cow Pregnancy: 71 Days

    Cow Pregnancy: 45 Days

    Cystitis in a Dog

    Cysts on Cow Ovary & Vesica Urinaria

    Cow Pregnancy Exams

    Pyometra in Cow Uterus

    Examining Dog's Bladder For Urinary Retention

    Early Bovine Pregnancy

    Feline Urinary Bladder & Stomach Exam

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