Equine and Bovine Ultrasound Equipment

Large Selection Cattle Ultrasound Equipment for Sale

Our cattle ultrasound scanners are designed to meet the demanding needs of farmers, breeders, and veterinarians. The ability to see the largest follicles with a quality rectal probe is one of the most important demands. To meet such needs, most of these ultrasound machines come with a rectal probe that features a long lens of 60-70mm which allows the ability to produce images that will provide detail of the largest follicles. Cattle ultrasound equipment must also be easy to carry and lighter in weight so that they can be quickly transported and used in an efficient manner. With this in mind, the weight of our bovine ultrasound equipment ranges from 2 lbs up to 20 lbs, depending on your specific needs. Many of these bovine ultrasound machines are battery powered and most of them include an additional extra battery.

SonoScape A6V Bovine Ultrasound MachineSonoScape A6V is the Most Recommended Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanner for Bovine and Equine. 

Consider the details of the A6V. The main unit produces the best image quality due to a sophisticated main board that has 32 channels. The rectal probe is unlike any other on an ultrasound scanner for equine and bovine because of its high quality. It has a very high frequency of 4.5-12 MHz, a long lens of 70mm, and 128 elements (others are usually 80 or 96). The frequency can be adjusted according to the needs during scanning. The cord is also 10 feet long, while most other rectal probes have a standard cord of only 7 feet long. There is not another rectal probe on the market today with that high of a frequency and produces such quality.

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