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      Bovine Ultrasound Equipment

      At KeeboVet, we are experienced veterinarians who seek to provide other animal hospitals with high-quality technology that will aid in diagnosis and pregnancy detection. For the best cattle ultrasound equipment, view our selection of machines from reputable manufacturers.

      Clear and reliable ultrasounds are crucial for breeders, farmers, and veterinarians who care for large animals like horses and cows. Bovine ultrasound equipment with long-lens rectal probes can produce clear images of large follicles, making pregnancy detection an easy task. KeeboVet provides cattle ultrasound technology that will give you the precise readings you need.

      Our Selection of Equipment

      Bovine ultrasound equipment needs to be reliable, portable, and affordable. That’s why we provide a selection of machines that meet all three criteria. KeeboVet is an exclusive seller for the following machines:

      • SonoScape A6V
      • Chison ECO1 Vet
      • Chison ECO2 Vet
      • Chison ECO5 Vet

      These ultrasound machines have rectal probes of 60 to 70mm, which provide clear readings. They also range in weight from 2 to 20 pounds, which means you can find one that suits your needs if you prefer a machine that you can easily transport in the field.

      Our Quality Promise

      We seek to offer excellent machines at affordable prices for veterinarians and professional breeders and farmers. Rely on us for the equipment you need. Browse our selection below, and call us at (630) 888-2888 for a special discount.


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      Chison ECO1Vet Veterinary Ultrasound | KeeboVet
      From $ 3,699.00
      Chison ECO2 VET | KeeboVet
      From $ 4,499.00
      Chison ECO5 Vet Color Doppler Ultrasound | KeeboVet
      From $ 6,999.00
      Palm Ultrasound RKU-10V | KeeboVet
      $ 4,999.00
      KX5200V Veterinary Wrist Ultrasound with Rectal Probe
      $ 3,999.00
      SonoScape A6V Expert - E1V Upgraded Veterinary Ultrasound | KeeboVet
      From $ 6,999.00
      Bovine KXV1 Preg/Backfat
      $ 4,999.00
      Bovine KXV2 Preg/Backfat
      $ 4,999.00
      KX5000V Laptop Ultrasound Machine With Rectal Probe
      From $ 3,999.00
      ECO-20Vet Veterinary Ultrasound Machine On Sale | KeeboMed On Sale
      $ 2,999.00 $ 3,999.00
      KX5100V Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machine
      From $ 4,999.00
      Chison ECO3Vet Animal Ultrasound | Quality Imaging | KeeboVet
      From $ 5,999.00
      KeeboMed Palm Ultrasounds WED-3100Vet
      $ 3,999.00
      WED-3000Vet Handheld Ultrasound Scanner For Veterinary
      $ 3,999.00
      KeeboVet Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment iSonoTouch 20V
      $ 3,999.00
      BovyEquiScan 60L - Veterinary Ultrasound For Farm Animals
      $ 3,999.00
      Chison Sonotouch 10Vet Handheld Touchscreen Ultrasound
      $ 9,999.00
      DCU30Vet | KeeboMed
      From $ 5,999.00
      ECO-12Vet Handheld Ultrasound For Bovine/Equine
      $ 2,999.00
      ECO-20Vet Veterinary Ultrasound Machine On Sale | KeeboMed On Sale
      $ 3,999.00 $ 4,499.00