Animal Ultrasound Machines

Chison ECO-1 Vet Animal UltrasoundWhy Animal Ultrasounds Are Used For Examinations

Ultrasound examinations are a non-invasive procedure to find out the internal abnormalities in a body. Similar to human, we have a range of ultrasonography equipment for animals also. These particularly help in diagnosing internal growth, which cannot be figured out through a physical examination, urine, or a blood test.

An animal ultrasound is performed by a trained veterinary specialist who has the right equipment. The area that will be used to perform the examination is first cleaned so that clear images of internal organs can be seen.

Since ultrasound doesn't involve radiation, it is safe to be done during pregnancy. A regular ultrasound check up of your animal during pregnancy will help in detecting any abnormalities in the fetus.

KeeboVet offers a choice of different probes that can be used in all kinds of animals. It is essential for the buyer to know that a micro convex probe with high frequency must be used to perform the ultrasound of small animals. Our scanners are available for all types of animals, new or used, and include a warranty.

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