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    Affordable Veterinary Surgical Sutures

    High Quality Veterinary Sutures For Sale

    Having the proper veterinary sutures that are both of high quality and affordable is important for veterinarians. At KeeboVet, we have worked hard to achieve both quality and affordability with our veterinary sutures. They are widely used and highly recommended by many veterinarians today. These are some features and benefits of KeeboMed veterinary sutures.

    • Various Sizes Available 
    • Round Bodied & Reverse Cutting Needles 
    • All Veterinary Sutures Are Sterile & Packed in a Sealed Box of 12 
    • CE Approved 
    • Absorbable: Polydioxanone PDS/PDO, PGA Polyglycolic Acid, PGA Polyglycolic Acid - Rapid, Poliglecaporone 25, Chromic Catgut, and Plain Catgut 
    • Non Absorbable: Silk Braided, Nylon Monofilament, Polyester Braided, and Polypropylene Monofilament

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