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        Affordable anesthesia machines with accurate Sevoflurane or Izoflurane Vaporizers. Suitable for small animals such as dogs and cats from 0.5kg-100kg. Service and warranty in the USA.

        Our model RC-902Vet sells very good worldwide with excellent customer satisfaction. Its modern, light weight design and user friendliness make this veterinary anesthesia system very popular among the Veterinarians. Portable, so it can be used outside of hospitals and clinics - excellent for mobile vet practices. Good price and quality. According to the price and quality it is the best choice for veterinarians. This model in the USA can be only for veterinary use but in other countries it is for human use too.

        Anesthesia Ventilators Digital with two bellows - small and large. Will fit to any anesthesia machine. Available in 110V and 220V.

        Table top anesthesia machines - very good quality for your anesthetic needs.

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