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    Veterinary Anesthesia Systems

    KeeboVet Veterinary Anesthesia Systems | Professional Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

    Professional Veterinary Anesthesia Machines

    At KeeboVet, we feature several veterinary anesthesia systems designed to fit the needs of modern veterinary practices. Our models are stand alone systems that are mobile and easy to setup. They are constructed with high quality materials but are affordable to meet your budget. Each veterinary anesthesia machine includes your choice of vaporizer: Isoflurane or Sevoflurane.

    All mobile veterinary anesthesia systems are on sale now at KeeboVet, shop now!

    $ 2,499.00

    KAN7300 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine With One Vaporizer  Made in UK. A specially designed simple, safe, and stable veterinary anesthesia machine. It is used for animal anesthetic operation. For use in veterinary hospital, veterinary clinic, animal zoo, animal lab, animal university,...