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    Portable Veterinary Ultrasounds

    Kaixin KX5600V Portable Veterinary Ultrasound

    Why is it Important to Purchase a Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Machine For Your Practice?

    Portable veterinary ultrasound machines provide good image quality (better than handheld scanners). These machines are lightweight (12-20 lbs) and are highly portable. Most of the portable vet machines come with a large 10” screen while some of them even have a 12” screen. Their durability makes them last for many years. All the portable ultrasounds provided by us require a power cord, but the Sonoscape A6V and EMP-820 Plus have the ability to also be used on battery power only.

    What is One of the Most Popular Choices Among Veterinarians For a Portable Vet Scanner on the Market Today?

    SonoScape A6V is one of the best portable veterinary ultrasound scanners provided by KeeboVet and can be used on all kinds of animals. It offers excellent image quality (32 channels technology), comes with a large choice of high frequency probes, and a rechargeable battery. 

    Browse Our Latest Selection of Portable Vet Diagnostic Machines For the Lowest Prices Today!

    From $ 3,999.00

     Mobile LED Ultrasound With DICOM KX5600V is the newest scanner  providing quality imaging at an affordable price.  Advantages Lightweight at only 10 lbs, including battery and probe.  Similar ultrasounds are around 20 lbs. Large 10.4" LED screen, with full screen...