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    Multi Parameter Monitors

    Many quality choices of monitors to choose from. Very light, offers excellent quality. Easy to operate.  
    $ 999.00

    Vet Multi Parameter Monitor KM-7Vet Excellent quality multi parameter veterinary patient monitor KM-7Vet. Features specific vet software for small and large animals.     This equipment can monitor such parameters as ECG,RESP,SpO2,NIBP,and Dual- channel TEMP.  It integrates parameter measuring module,display and recorder in one device to form a compact and portable device. At the same time, its built-in replaceable battery provides convenience and is suitable for use on-the-go.     Features:     •7 inch high-resolution color screen •Exquisite design suitable to move operation •Various interface: standard, trend screen, oxycrg, NIBP list, big font screen  •Real time S-T segment analysis, pace-maker detection...

    $ 1,599.00

    7" M7000 BLT Biolight Veterinary Monitor Biolight BLT M7000 is FDA approved. Use to monitor patients ECG, respiration-breathing, NIBP, SPO2, temperature, and heart rate. Comes with specific animal software for canine, feline, equine, and bovine. Recommended for small animals like...

    $ 1,899.00

    Biolight BLT M8000 Patient Monitor.Used in hospital and clinics for measuring patients ECG, Respiratory, NIBP, SPO2, Temperature, IBP, EtCO2 parameters, FDA approved in USA.Product Feature 10.4’’ LCD display, high resolution, 7 lead ECG Waveform display in the same screen Large...

    $ 1,599.00

    Bedside / Transport Animal Monitor  KM-1000C with basic parameters EtCO2 and SpO2 in one. Color TFT 7" display, 800 x 480 resolution. Durable case allows for bedside monitoring or transport. Features Adjustable audible and visual alarms Networkable with Prior Care central...

    $ 999.00

    Handheld Co2 and Respiratory Monitor All Accessories Included Veterinary, OR, ICU, clinic, and family healthcare. Continuous working time of six hours, 24 hours standby time, and 96 hour historical data replay on PC. All accessories included with purchase. Features Small,...

    $ 199.00

    Hand Held Pulse Oximeter M700 FDA Approved from Human use in USA.Most affordable veterinary Pulse oximeter. Comes with animal Spo2 lingual sensor with two clips-large for Dogs and small for cats and puppies.-Good quality and price.-Excellent customers satisfaction sold many...

    $ 1,999.00

    Screen 7". Standard Functions: EtCO2 and Respiratory. All accessories included.