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      Veterinary Multi-Parameter Monitors

      No matter what kind of veterinary practice you run or manage, you want the best equipment in order to provide care to your patients. At KeeboVet, we have a variety of veterinary monitors for sale. Ranging from small, hand-held pulse oximeters to complete bedside units, our veterinary multi-parameter monitors give you the insight you need into each animal’s condition.

      Portable and Usable Equipment

      As a veterinarian, you often have to make house calls — especially for larger animals such as horses or cattle. Several of our veterinary monitors are portable and connect to smartphones or computers via Bluetooth. With equipment like this, evaluating an animal’s physical health is easy even if you are away from your clinic.

      User-Friendly Buying Experience

      At KeeboVet, we offer our veterinary monitors and other equipment at competitive prices because we buy directly from the manufacturers. We accept PayPal transactions and are a verified vendor with Authorize.net. Our website is 100% secure. No matter where in the country you are, you can safely purchase from our site.

      Check out our selection of veterinary multi-parameter monitors below to choose the monitor that is best for your practice. You can also see customer reviews for each product to help you made a decision.

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