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        KeeboVet Veterinary equipment!   Animal Ultrasounds and other Tools for Sale!
        Affordable and quality! Returns accepted within 30 Days!
        Low cost Portable and Palm Sized Handheld Machines for large and small animals with excellent image quality. Multi-frequency rectal, endendorectal probes or others with high frequency for small animals.

        Vet Orthopedic Systems-Kits come complete with all instruments and implants. The kits come in all sizes and choices, from 1.5-6.5mm. The upgraded micro-system is our latest model, which is the most complete system for all small pets. All kits come with self tapping bone screws. We also offer custom made vet orthopedic systems. Contact us to order custom made systems.
        Veterinary Anesthesia Machines are mobile and portable. Digital anesthesia ventilators work with all kinds of anesthesia machines. All accessories for anesthesia machines and ventilators are included and ready for use. Machines are easy to connect to the gas source and work on 110-220V.



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