CO2 Circle Absorber For Anesthesia Machine

AC300 CO2 Circle Absorber for Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

AC300 Co2 Circle Absorber is for use with an animal anesthesia machine. It is ISO standard CO2 Circle Absorber, and can match different anesthesia machines. It has excellent customer reviews.

Technology Specification:

  • Good quality CO2 Circle Absorber 
  • Mode: closed, half closed and half open, and open mode
  • Inspiration valve and expiration valve: visible dome- type, ISO standard port, diameter 22mm
  • Soda lime chamber: 1 Liter, easy to change soda lime within one minute, high quality PC material.
  • APL valve: (Pop Off valve): adjustable easily, range:0-60cmH20
  • Airway pressure gauge(-20cmH2O-100cmH2O)
  • Standard Airbag port
  • Standard C.G.O. input port

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