Chison 9300Vet

Delivers Imaging Performance Well Beyond Other Systems In Same Price Category!

Chison 9300Vet is an upgrade from the 8300Vet with better performances. The 9300Vet is a high end black and white diagnostic ultrasound system. It is an effective tool for a wide variety of clinical specialties, including MSK, Anesthesia, OB/GYN, urology and more. 

Order with KeeboVet for a two year warranty and probe of your choice today!


  • Simple to operate
  • Innovative workflow solutions such as minimized soft-key entry, one-key image storage, 8 TGC slide control and an internal hard drive for data storage.
  • Plus, an available internal battery and vehicle power adaptor allow you to use this system on the go.
  • Premium Image, Surprising Performance
  • Fashion design
  • Premium image
  • THI,Compound image
  • Professional probes for Veterinary
  • Veterinary software
  • Built-in lithium battery(re-chargeable from car)(Optional)

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