Chison ECO 3Vet Expert

Pulsed Wave Doppler Advanced Ultrasound Unit

Chison ECO 3Vet Expert Veterinary Ultrasound model has all the latest technology. Similar to ECO 3Vet,  but this model includes Pulsed Wave Doppler.  PW allows for more extensive examinations, and will greatly improve your diagnosis confidence. Provides a streamlined workflow, and an easy diagnosis in only 6 steps with specific One Key functions. With advanced imaging technologies, the ECO 3Vet Expert is a step up for your veterinary practice.


Advanced Imaging Technology: 

    • i-Image (Image optimization software)
    • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging)
    • SRA (Speckle Reduction Algorithm)
    • Compound Imaging
    • AIO (Automatic Image Optimization)
  • Full Digital Beam-Former
  • Automatic PW trace
  • Excellent PW resolution
  • Automatic PW trace measurement
  • Chroma
  • Full Screen Display Mode
  • Applications:
    • Large Animals: Reproduction & Tendon
    • Small Animals: Abdomen, Small Parts, Basic Cardiology
  • 12" LED Screen with 0-30˚ Adjustable Angle
  • Rechargeable Battery: Last 2.5 Hours
  • 2 Probe Ports
  • Display Modes: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, PW
  • Archives Management​: Patient Information Management, Image Records, and Exam Reports
  • Documentation​: Full Screen Documentation, Hospital Name, Patient Name, Date/Time, OB Growth Curve
  • Power Supply​: AC 100V-240V, 50Hz - 60Hz

    Standard Configuration

    • Main unit 
    • 5.3 MHz - 10 MHz Linear Rectal Probe (L7V-A)
    • 2 probe connectors 
    • 3 USB ports
    • VGA port, Video port, LAN port
    • Full Screen Display Mode 
    • i-Image, Chroma, SRA
    • Compound imaging, THI,
    • 8G memory, PW Mode
    • Built-in Battery ( BT-2500 )

    Probe Options

    • C3-A: Convex (2.5MHz to 5.0MHz) 
    • L7M-A: Linear (5.3 MHz to 10.0MHz) 
    • MC6-A: Micro-Convex (4.5MHz to 8MHz) 
    • L7V-A: Linear Rectal (5.3MHz to 10.0MHz) 

    Other Options

    • DICOM 3.0
    • Water-proof Keyboard Cover
    • Carrying Case (BG-100)
    • Cart TR-9000
    • Support PC Printer* (HP P2055D / HP 1102 / HP M251n)
    • Video Printer (Sony UPD711MD)

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