Chison ECO2VET

Chison ECO2VET is a versatile B/W portable ultrasound boasting advanced technologies. 



*Rotatable LED (0-30 degrees) with multiple viewing angles

*Ultra Compact and Ultra Light

*Portable/Easy to Carry

*Keyboard built for Ease of Use

*Dedicated Trolley Cart

*Streamlined Workflow



*Advanced Technologies:

I-Image (Intelligent Image Optimization)

THI( Tissue Harmonic Imaging) 

SRA (Speckle Reduction Algorithm)

Compound Imaging

*Full digital beam-former


*Automatic PW Trace


*AIO (automatic image optimization)



The latest platform and more advanced chip-set equals better image quality and features in a compact design and at an affordable price.

*Supports PC Printers enabling you to reduce out of pocket costs

*8GB memory card

*320G Harddisk (option)

*Vehicular Charging



*Less Radiation

*Less Power Consumption

*Longer usage--LED Screen

*Longer Battery Standby Time


Excellent PW Resolution and automatic PW trace measurement will greatly improve the diagnosis confidence by delivering both qualitative and quantitative results. 

Comes with Choice of one probe.  

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