Orthopedic Compression Kit 3.5/4.0mm

Veterinary Orthopedic Compression Bone Plating Kit 3.5, 4.0mm

KeeboVet vet orthopedic system with high quality instruments, implants, plates, and bone screws. Excellent customer satisfaction and reviews.  

Bone screws, 3.5, are self tapping, hex head, sized 12-42mm.  Bone screws, 4.0, are cancellous, sized 12-50mm.  Please specify if you would like a specific size, otherwise we will pack 40-55mm.  Bone plates are dynamic self compression, 3-12 holes. If you need specific size please specify.


Orthopedic Case with Screw Rack

  • Orthopedic Drill Bit 3.5 (2)
  • Orthopedic Drill Bit 2.5 (2)
  • Orthopedic HB4.0 Tap Sleeve & 3.5 Drill Guide
  • Orthopedic HA3.5 Tap
  • Orthopedic HB4.0 Tap
  • Depth Gauge
  • Hex Head Screw Driver SW2.5
  • Screw Holding Sleeve
  • Screw Holding Forceps
  • Neutral & Loaded Drill Guide 2.5/HA3.5
  • HA3.5 Tap Sleeve & 2.5 Drill Guide
  • Plate Benders
  • Periosteal Elevator( Round Head)
  • Periosteal Elevator (Flat Head)
  • Pry Bar
  • Reduction Forceps with point
  • Reduction Forceps
  • Self-centering forceps (2)
  • Broken Screw Exteriorizer
  • Countersink Drill
  • Compression Bone plates 3.5mm (5)
  • Cortical screws 3.5 mm (32)
  • Cancellous screws 4.0mm (18)
In USA, for veterinary use only.

    Customer Review:"Arrived perfect. Fantastic quality and very well packed. Thank you very much" Buyer:From UK Dec-06-10 08:28 Compression System 3.5/4.0mm

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