Goggles For RKU-10, DVU 60 Ultrasounds

Light Comfortable Veterinary Ultrasound Goggles

Ultrasound goggles are compatible with the  RKU-10, and DVU 60 model ultrasounds.  They are very light and comfortable to wear.  Good quality at an affordable price.


  • Break the traditional way of wearing video glasses, no pressure on bridge of user's nose.
  • Rotatory lock catch operation, can easily adjust the degree of tightness of head band, allows for a more comfortable fit.
  • Adjust screen position freely in multiple directions to keep the best observation angle.
  • Environmental protection plastic material makes for the lightest weight; Minimizes the degree of fatigue.
  • Magic tape inside the head band enhances user's comfort level, easy to dismantle, convenient for cleaning.
  • Split vision observation design is convenient for user to observe the surroundings to increase sense of security.


  • Weight: 340G/12oZ
  • Resolution ratio: 800×600
  • Display range: 48" virtual large screen
  • Supply voltage range: 5.0±0.5V
  • Consumption:0.85W
  • Operating temperature:-20℃-60℃
  • Storing temperature:-20℃-75℃
  • Supported signal:VGA signal

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