Orthopedic Instrument System Pack

High Quality Stainless Steel Veterinary Instrument System 

KeeboVet animal orthopedic surgery system has all the important instruments that you need.  Made of reliable high quality stainless steel, it has excellent reviews from all over the world.  Sold in more than fifty countries. 


  • Aluminum Case with Strong Cover and 3.5/4.0 Screw Rack 
    • Dimensions 15.5"x9.5"x4"
  • Bone Drill Bit 3.2mm (2)
  • Bone Drill Bit 2.5mm (2)
  • Neutral Loaded Drill Guide 2.5 HA3.5
  • HA3.5 Tap Sleeve 2.5 Drill Guide
  • HB4.0 Tap Sleeve 3.0 Drill Guide
  • HA3.5 Tap
  • Hb4.0 Tap
  • Depth Gauge
  • Hex Head Screw Driver SW2.5
  • Screw Holding Sleeve
  • Plate Benders
  • Periosteal Elevator (Round Head)
  • Periosteal Elevator (Flat Head)
  • Pry Bar
  • Reduction Forceps with point
  • Reduction Forceps
  • Self-centering Forceps (2)
  • Countersink Drill

In USA, for veterinary use only.


"Very pleased with purchase; this is a great kit. Thank you." Buyer: M.T. UK Jun-08-11 05:09

 "As described and quick shipping, great experience"Buyer:From USA Nov-30-10 08:32

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