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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Works well

    I have this machine and am pleased, I have no problems finding 10-11 day pregnancies on my mares. Would love to see it come with a neck strap as it can be a bit awkward to hold with one hand and push buttons but still overall very pleased and love the portability.

    Super little machine

    Great customer service with easy warranty work! Would shop here again.

    Good but not great.

    The KV5100V is ok but not if you want a clear picture. A vet came over and we tag teamed ultra-sounding the goats and his old tube TV unit was much more clear. I am not sure what to recommend but if I had to do over it would not be this one. I would probably get one that used standard probes as this one has a specialized connector for the probes which makes you limited in your choices.

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