KeeboSono C7V CW Color Doppler

KeeboSono C7V is a new generation portable color doppler veterinary ultrasound. C7V is based on an advanced PC platform, integrated with new clinical ultrasonography solutions, superior image, comprehensive functions, easy-carrying and unique U shape design, which offers a new choice for ultrasound clinical application. 

Advanced Imaging Technologies

  • Phase-inversion harmonic imaging and frequency compound imaging
  • Ensure excellent penetration and more delicate 2D images
  • Spatial compound imaging 
    • Combining images from multi-angle to reduce artifact and improve image quality 
    •  Compounding images from multiple scanned angles to reduce antifact and improve image quality
  • Speckle reduction technology
    •     Reduce speckle noise and improve image quality

Multiple imaging modes

  • B/C/PW/CW/BCD triplex imaging, 
  • Wide-angle steer scanning imaging 
  • Panoramic imaging 
  • Trapezoid imaging (linear probe only), 
  • Anatomical M mode
  • Color M mode
  • Tissue doppler imaging (TDI)
  • 3D/4D imaging

Color Doppler Enhancement Technology

  • Effectively suppress color doppler flashing noise and improves the color flow resolution and sensitivity 
  • Multi-Beam Formation technology Increases time resolution and frame rate 
  • Auto measurement of intima-media thickness (IMT)    

One key Image Optimization

  • Automatically adjust imaging parameters to optimaze the image with one key 
  • Easy operation improves work efficiency        


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