Multi Functional Electric Drill

Veterinary Orthopedic Multi Use Drill 

Multi Functional Electric Drill is excellent quality with an affordable price. Designed in line with safety standards. Can be used for a wide application of orthopedic surgeries.

Hand piece can install 7 connectors: high torque drilling interface, self-stopping craniotomy drilling interface, fast drilling interface, cannulated drilling interface, oscillating saw interface, reciprocating saw interface, craniotomy milling interface.


  • Hand piece maximum speed 14000rpm with stepless speed
  • Choice of positive or negative direction rotation
  • Stable performance
  • Battery voltage 14.4V
  • Free from sterilizing
  • Two batteries included
  • Whole unit can be high temperature sterilized

High Torque Drilling Interface

Fastest speed 250rpm
Self-stopping craniotomy drilling interface
Max speed 1200RPM 

Fast Drilling Interface

Maximum speed 1200rpm

Cannulated Drilling Interface

Max rotating speed 1200rpm
Max hollow diameter 4.5mm
Suitable for K-wire and interlocking nails operation

Oscillating Saw Interface

Oscillating Frequency is 14000 times/min
Oscillating amplitude is 50 degrees
Safe and fast saw blade removal device

Reciprocating Saw Interface

Reciprocating frequency of 14000 times/min
Reciprocating Amplitude 2.5mm-5mm
Continuously Variable Transmission
Safety blade removal device
5 Free Saw Blades  

Craniotomy Milling Interface

Milling head drilling speed is 30000rpm
Continuously Variable Transmission
Stable Running
4 Free pieces of Mills

Collections: Drills and Saws

Type: Drills and saw

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