Small Animal Anesthesia Machine KAN 7600

Tabletop Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

This is a very stable and reliable tabletop veterinary anesthesia machine.  Can be used for vet hospital, vet clinic, animal zoo, and farms.  It is very user friendly. Comes with isoflurane vaporizer or sevoflurane.


  • Respiration mode: Manual mode
  • Gas source: O2, quick inlet port
  • O2 gas source ON/OFF switch
  • O2 FLUSH: 20L /min- -75L /min
  • Flow meter: O2, 0.1L /min- -12L /min, adjustable easily
  • airway pressure gauge: -10cmH2O-80cmH20
  • APL valve: adjustable easily, range:0-60cmH20
  • Inspiration valve and expiration valve, ISO standard port, diameter 22mm
  • Soda lime chamber: 1 Liter, easy to change soda lime within one minute
  • Bain connector for open breath system, like Jackson circuit, Bains circuit.


  • Anesthesia vaporizer: one of Enflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane and Sevoflurane.
  • Supply selectatec compatible mounting bar, ISO 23mm is compatible.
  • Anesthesia vaporizer can be an option.
  • Trolley: 5 casters spider, two with brakes.

Standard configuration

Anesthesia machine, one set consumable breath circuit, one unit reservoir bag, one unit O2 gas source pipeline.

Vaporizer is an option at $999.

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