UT01 Backfat Test Vet Instrument

Kaixin Veterinary Pig Backfat Tester

UT01 is easy to operate. One key measures three levels of back-fat thickness. Measuring range between 4 and 35mm with an error of ±1mm.  Ability to store 99 measurement data by serial number, and it won't be lost even while shutdown.

Holding the device, press the Test button with thumb to achieve the test and the result directly and efficiently.
Accompanied by the army-green shell and the membrane keyboard design, the overall appearance looks more atmospheric and resistance to use.


  • Compact and flexible overall design.
  • Integrated host and probe design.
  • One-hand operating host. 
  • The probe is fully enclosed design to prevent water spray and splash water.
  • Hook bolt rope design. Lanyard around your wrist to avoid the drop-off while using. 
  • Pocket carrying design.
  • Adopting digital tube design to resolve the reading problem while under sunshine and improve the efficiency.
  • USB port design for host charge.
  • Built-in battery to drive the host for 10 hours outdoor work. Auto switch-off after 2 minutes to save power.


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