Veterinary Anesthesia Machine KAN 7300

KAN7300 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine With One Vaporizer 

A specially designed simple, safe, and stable veterinary anesthesia machine. It is used for animal anesthetic operation. For use in veterinary hospital, veterinary clinic, animal zoo, animal lab, animal university, and animal research institute.

Comes with only one vaporizer. It is an Apollon brand vaporizer (TEC-3 style), made in UK. Vaporizer is high quality, made from aluminum, so it is very light and practical for use.

Technology specification

  • airway pressure gauge:-10cmH2O-80cmH20
  • APL valve: adjustable, 0-60cmH20
  • Inspiration valve and expiration valve,ISO standard port, diameter 22mm
  • Soda lime chamber:1 Liter, easy to change it within one minute
  • Flow meter: O2,0.1L/min--10L/min, adjust very easily
  • O2 FLUSH:20L/min--75L/min
  • Gas source:O2, quick inlet

Trolley: 5 casters spider, three with brakes.

Standard configuration

Anesthesia machine, trolley, one set consumable breath circuit, one unit reservoir bag, one unit connection pipeline, one unit gas source pipeline.

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