Veterinary Infusion Pump

JSB-1200KV Infusion Pump

Quality Infusion pump provides high accuracy. It has 8 hours build in battery life at high capacity use.  Eliminates false alarms with a unique design of drop sensor.  

Has three work modes: drop counting control, volume control, and time control mode.


  • Signal compatible with IV sets of any standard
  • Eliminates false alarms
  • 8 hours build-in battery life
  • Three work modes
  • Special light for night operation
  • Three levels of occlusion pressure
  • Three levels of alarm volume
  • Switch ml/h and drop/min freely
  • Self correcting occlusion alarm according to soft hardness of the IV sets
  • Waterproof and anti sticking design drop detector
  • Bolus function


  • Flow range: 1.099.9ml/h, 0.1ml/h increment, 1001200ml/h, 1ml/h increment; or 1400drops/min, 1 drop/min increment.
  • Flow precision: ± 5%
  • Target Volume: 09999ml, 1ml increment
  • Time Limit Range: 11999min, 1min increment
  • Purge Rate: 600 ml/h.
  • Bolus : Adjustable from 101200ml/h, in steps of 0.1ml/h (flow rate < 100ml/h) and 1ml/h(flow rate > 100ml/h)
  • KVO rate : if the flow rate ≤10 ml/h, KVO is 1ml/h. Otherwise KVO is 3ml/h.
  • Power supply: AC100240V, 50/60Hz, Internal Lithium-ion polymer battery: DC 11.1V, ≥1600mAh. The battery backup is approx. 8 hours (when using a, fully charged battery and running at 20 drops/min with any standard IV Set).
  • Power consumption: ≤25VA
  • Class: I
  • Type: CF
  • Size: 125mm × 125mm × 230mm
  • Net weight: approx. 2.2kg
  • Operating condition: Ambient temperature: 5~40 degree C, Relative humidity: 2090%
  • Storage condition: Ambient temperature: -1055degree C Relative humidity : 1090%.

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