Veterinary Pulse Oximeter BLT M700Vet

Hand Held Pulse Oximeter M700
FDA Approved from Human use in USA.

Most affordable veterinary Pulse oximeter. Comes with animal Spo2 lingual sensor with two clips-large for Dogs and small for cats and puppies.
-Good quality and price.
-Excellent customers satisfaction sold many works great. "Excellent buy!" Buyer: 85vamp
-BLT pulse oximeters BLT M700 and BLT M800- better performance and prices then Mindary Pulse oximeters PM-50 and PM60.
Product features

* Handhold design, Compact, light for carrying and handing
* Bright, easy-to-read LED numbers
* Advanced digital processing technology
* Accurate measurement during low perfusion
* Anti-movement, stable performance
* Suitable for large or small animal
* Convenient AA size alkaline or rechargeable batteries
* 4 AA batteries provide 24 hours of continuous operation
* Audible signal for key press, loose sensor , heart beat , and low battery

Standard parameter & configuration

Digital SPO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse bar

Standard accessories list

Adult finger probe-human version(1)
Animal reusable SPO2 probe (2) (veterinary version)
AA Alkaline batteries (4)

Customers Review for BLT M700 and M800:

"Very good." Buyer:From Japan Feb-15-11 00:53 "Veterinary animal patient monitor& ECG-BLT M800).

"Works fine, great value, as represented. Thank you!! Buyer: From US May-31-11 10:03 -(Veterinary Mini Patient Monitor with two clips-BLT M700).

"excellente seller" Buyer form Colombia Nov-02-11 19:03 ( Hand held Animal VET patient monitor wave form display)

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