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      Due to recent advances in technology, ultrasounds have become standard equipment for veterinary practices. We know that technology changes quickly and there develops the need to replace the old vet ultrasound machines with new excellent high end ones.

      If you are in search of the best deals on veterinary ultrasound and veterinary tools, look no further. KeeboVet offers the most advanced range of equipment for vet clinics and individual practitioners at affordable prices. We directly procure the products from reputable manufacturers, which mean they have highest quality and accuracy.

      As a leader in the industry, KeeboVet has an extensive inventory of bovine laptop ultrasound scanners, portable ultrasound scanners, waterproof veterinary ultrasound machines, and more. Whether you are looking for vet tools, new or used ultrasound equipment for animals, we promise to offer you the most extensive range of affordably priced machines. Despite offering the best price deal, we ensure that no compromise is done with the quality of the product.

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      On Sale From $ 5,999.00 $ 5,279.00

      New Affordable Color Doppler Portable Vet Ultrasound Chison ECO5 Vet is an excellent color doppler veterinarian ultrasound system. Set to eco-friendly standards for less radiation, lower power consumption, and a longer life. User friendly angle adjustable monitor to tailor your viewing...

      On Sale
      From $ 3,499.00

      Affordable Portable Ultrasound! ECO 1Vet is a high quality portable ultrasound which offers excellent image quality.  It is lightweight and very easy to use.  ECO1VET is both hearty and reliable for pregnancy examinations with all kinds of animals. Can also be used for heat...

      On Sale From $ 4,499.00 $ 3,959.00

      Versatile B/W Portable Ultrasound with Advanced Technologies  ECO2 Vet supports PW Function to give more accurate diagnosis capabilities with: blood flow speed measurements, S/D, PI, RI, and heart rate calculations (small animal scanning). Excellent PW Resolution and Automatic PW trace measurement will greatly improve...

      On Sale
      On Sale From $ 4,999.00 $ 4,499.00

      Budget Friendly For Multiple Veterinary Applications! KeeboMed KDP-20Vet is equipped with a best-in-class combination of performance and affordability. Provides the latest imaging technologies and convenient workflow options. Offers abundant measurement packages covering traditional veterinary ultrasound applications such as bovine, equine, canine, and feline. Some features of KeeboMed DP-20Vet...

      On Sale
      From $ 4,999.00

      Affordable Handheld Color Doppler Ultrasound DCU-12 Vet is the most affordable full digital color doppler system that you can buy. It is easy to use and has excellent image quality. The DCU-12 Vet Ultrasound provides reliable performance, includes an abundance of measurement software. Provides advanced...

      From $ 6,999.00

      A6V Expert E1V - Newest Advanced B/W Ultrasound Upgraded A6V with: Image quality improved by 40% over the A6V. 15" LED Screen Sleek Modern Design High Frequency probes up to 16MHz  As a newly released hand carried B/W ultrasound model, A6V...

      From $ 5,999.00

      High Quality B&W Veterinary Ultrasound ECO3 Vet is a black & white veterinary ultrasonography machine from Chison with advanced imaging processing technology normally found in color dopplers - THI (tissue harmonic imaging), Chroma, Trapezoid imaging, and Compound imaging. These advanced features make the...

      On Sale From $ 14,999.00 $ 13,199.00

      Powerful Veterinary Color Doppler Chison Ebit 50 Vet is a light-weight color doppler ultrasound offering ease of operation, comprehensive measurement packages, and intelligent diagnoses. It has advanced dedicated veterinary software that provides the best results for small animals and large...

      On Sale
      $ 3,999.00

      Affordable Touchscreen Veterinary Ultrasound iSonoTouch 20V is an excellent touchscreen B/W ultrasound system with a crystal clear imaging. The workflow is user friendly and boasts impressive scanning speed. Features Unparalleled usability to perform imaging in comfort Compact and Lightweight Handle acts as...

      On Sale From $ 3,999.00 $ 3,519.00

      Unique Laptop Ultrasound Scanner for Bovine and Equine Reproduction Comes with one rectal probe 5.5/6.5/7.5MHz. KX5000V is a full digital laptop scanner for veterinary use with veterinary software.   Laptop ultrasound machines are perfect for use in mobile veterinary exams and private...

      On Sale
      $ 25,000.00

      Chison's top-of-the-line Color Doppler ultrasound, EBit 60Vet, supplies all the power you need for today's demanding veterinary environments. EBit 60Vet is very portable, and affordable for the features it delivers. It has cutting edge imaging technologies, precise and intuitive workflow, ergonomic eco-friendly design,...

      From $ 4,999.00

      Full Digital B Mode Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instrument The KX5100V palm ultrasound scanner is a full B Mode, B, B/B, B/M, M, 4B, veterinary diagnostic instrument. KX5100V is great for vet applications for pregnancy, fertility and diseases on bovine, equine, ovine, swine, canine, feline,...